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Cereal Foods: Research & Statistics

AgBioForum publishes short, nontechnical articles reporting on current research. AgBioForum focuses on the interactions of agrobiotechnology with economics and with sociopolitical processes.
  Australian Journal of Agricultural Research
Highly cited and prestigious journal with a focus on innovative and rigorous research reporting on advances in plant and animal sciences, sustainable farming systems, and food quality. Subscription required.
  Baking & Snack
Free to qualified executives, operations managers and technical professionals involved in grain-based foods manufacturing. Available in print or digitally.
  Cereal Chemistry
A premier international archival journal in cereal science. The research presented covers the largest food staple in the world and impacts the quality and nutrition of thousands of food products. Subscription required.
  Cereal Foods World
Presents feature articles on new technologies, baking, health and nutrition, quality assurance, food safety, ingredients, processing technologies, snack foods, and breakfast foods. Subscription required.
  Food Science Journals
Lists international food science & technology journals published by Elsevier. Subscriptions required
  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (JAFC)
JAFC publishes research results dealing with the chemistry and biochemistry of agriculture and food with a focus on original research representing complete studies, rather than incremental studies.
  Journal of Cereal Science
An international forum for publication of original research papers of high standing covering all aspects of cereal science related to the functional and nutritional quality of cereal grains and their products.
  LWT -- Food Science and Technology
International bimonthly journal from the Swiss Society of Food Science and Technology covering all aspects of food science including the fields of chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, food processing, & nutrition. Subscription required.
  Trends in Food Science and Technology
An international peer-reviewed mini-review journal concerned with the science and technology of food analysis, development, manufacture, storage and marketing.
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