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Feeds: Research & Statistics
  Assess Utility and Value of Modified Dried Distillers Grains (Project abstract)
Assess the utility & value of modified dried distillers grains fed to range cattle (consume perennial C4 grass feedstocks) & fed to dairy cattle. Also determine effects of crop residues & tillage systems on soil organic carbon.
  Development of New Technologies for Detection of Prions in Animal Feed and Environmental Samples (Project abstract)
Identify & develop new methods & collaborative arrangements with other institutions for detecting animal proteins, especially prion proteins (PrP) in fields, barns, abattoirs, animal feed, feed additives or other animal products.
  Feed and Manure Management on Dairy Farms (Project abstract)
Intend to study: (1) impact of phosphorus (P) feed level & source on manure P levels a&forms; (2) amount & forms of P in runoff; (3) determine feed & manure management practices of Wisconsin dairy farmer; & (4) opportunities to improve management of same.
  Fiber Extrusion to Improve Use and Production of Ethanol Byproducts (Project abstract)
1)Determine if fiber extrusion will improve digestibility of ethanol production byproducts for use in cattle feed & increase ethanol production; 2) Develop & evaluate processes & products that add value to distillers dried grains; & 2 other objectives.
  Monitoring the quality and safety of grain and grain-derived co-products destined for animal feed
Order information and abstract of the research project. The overall aim of this project was to monitor the quality and safety of UK animal feed derived from UK-grown cereals. The results indicated that, for the overwhelming majority of animal feed materials derived from UK-grown cereals, levels of contaminants were well below legal limits in the EU.
  Optimizing feed manufacturing operations
Synopsis of a project conducted at Purdue University to provide fundamental knowledge on optimizing and controlling the pelleting process.
  Post Harvest Grain Quality & Stored Product Protection Program
Informs about events and news about the program, which is a cooperative effort of Purdue University's Cooperative Extension Service, and the Departments of Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Entomology, and Botany & Plant Pathology.
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