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  Bakery Online
Resource for professionals in the baking industry. Information on ingredients, food additives, baking, freshness enhancers, bakeries, food scientists and more.
  Bakery-Net Magazine
The professional bakers' online magazine. This includes a Bakery Buyer's Guide, classified ads, magazine articles and links to other organizations. To use the site, you must register online.
  Baking & Snack
Free to qualified executives, operations managers and technical professionals involved in grain-based foods manufacturing. Available in print or digitally.
  Baking & Snack International
Free to qualified managers in the baking and snack food industries worldwide, otherwise a subscription is required. Available in print or digitally. Provides business intelligence & analysis of trends in worldwide grain-based foods market.
  Baking Buyer
Free to qualified managers in the retail, bakery cafe and intermediate wholesaler baking business otherwise a subscription is required. Available in print or digitally. Covers news, business information, product trends for the retail baker.
  Baking Management
Free to qualified owners, company officers, management and purchasing professionals in the retail and wholesale baking industries. Requires yearly registration to access.
  Boulangerie Francaise
A monthly French publication from the Chambre professionnelle des artisans boulangers-pātissiers de Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-St-Denis et Val-de-Marne. The site provides free access to issues from 2000 forward. The issues are in PDF format.
The archives of the bread-bakers digest email list founded by Regina & Jeffrey Dwork in 1990. The list is for home bakers. Individuals may subscribe to the Bread-Bakers Digest (compilation of weekly postings) or to the Daily-Bread mailing list (individual posts are emailed separately). The posts range from those by home bakers and authors to tips from new bakers.
Provides daily coverage of cash wheat, bakery flour, millfeed, export wheat and flour, wheat futures, and sweetener,shortening markets. Available as daily email or fax. Subscription required.
  Milling & Baking News
A weekly magazine published for executives in the grain-based foods industry. It includes concise reporting on the marketplace, industry news and analysis, & ingredient markets. Available in print or digitally. Subscription required.
  Modern Baking
Provides the latest product and service information to the $20 billion in-store and $14.9 billion retail baking and foodservice markets. The magazine, which chronicles, addresses and presents solutions for the issues that most affect the bakery business today, reaches bakers who buy for 86,000 locations. Editorial includes features on successful operations, hands-on baking, new formulas, product news, cake decorating, and articles focused on trends affecting the industry.
  Nouvelles de la Boulangerie Patisserie
Published every 15 days, this publication covers social trends, regulations and laws and other topics relating to the craftsman baker and confectioner. A technical supplement published every two months provides content directly related to the business operations: management, accounting, labor, analysis of raw materials and so on. This information provides the basis for informed decisions regarding the management of their company. The publication also provides more opportunity to become involved in the national confederation and in departmental trade unions. Articles may be accessed individually as HTML files. The archive goes back to 2002.
  Pizza Today
The 1 magazine in the pizza industry. Has up-to-date information on pizza restaurant management, pizza equipment for sale, a vendor directory and more.
  Today's News on
A free daily enenewsletter featured on the main webpage of lists headlines of the latest industry news. Registration is required to access the articles and the archives.


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