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  Agricultural Fact Book
  A handy reference tool that offers information about US Agriculture and describes all USDA programs. It also provides useful information about food safety, nutrition, rural issues, research, education, and natural resources.
  American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
  An educational & scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering in the development of efficient & environmentally sensitive methods of producing food, fiber, timber, & renewable energy sources for an ever-increasing world population.
  Provides information on uses and cultivars of barley produced in Northern Britain.
  Biofuels, Food and Feed Tradeoffs
  The rapid growth of the biofuels industry is raising concerns about the potential impacts on global markets for food grains and feed grains, as well as resource use. These concerns were addressed at an April 12-13, 2007, conference sponsored by Farm Foundation, USDA Rural Development and USDA’s Office of Energy Policy and New Uses. Links to conference presentations and papers are available from this site
  Distillers Grains as a Protein and Energy Supplement for Dairy Cattle
  Distillers grains are coproducts produced from the fermentation of grains for alcohol. With the increased use of grain alcohol as an alternative fuel, the opportunity now exists for using a substantial quantity of distillers grains in dairy rations.
  Equivalent Weights of Grains and Oilseeds
  Presents the effect of water on the weight of grain. This allows for a better estimate of the amount of shrinkage to expect as grain dries, the adjustments required when marketing wet grain, or the amount of penalty there is for overdrying grain.
  Evaluation of the Effect of Tocopherols on the Stability of Biodiesel
  This comprehensive study examined the effects of naturally occurring tocopherols and carotenoids on the stability of biodiesel-grade methyl esters. the paper is also available in PDF format (207 KB).
  Extension publications
  Listing of extension publications (on-line, hard copy, software) from the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service and from other institutions on topics related to grain quality, grain drying/ conditioning/aeration, stored grain management, pest control, post-harvest IPM, specialty/IP grains, value-added processing, and stored product protection. Click on the 'Utilization and Processing of Garins and Oilseeds' or 'Feed Processing' links.
  ICC Online-Dictionary/Glossary of Cereal Science and Technology
  Multilingual dictionary with an integrated search engine and glossary. Select your language, enter the term and the system will translate the term and present you with the term in 6 other languages.
  Industrial Uses of Agricultural Materials
  Examines use of agricultural materials by industry.
  Nebraska Ethanol Industry : Ethanol Plants in Nebraska
  The Nebraska Ethanol Board created this web resource for communities wishing to attract an ethanol plant—and to developers who are looking to locate an ethanol plant in the state. The site provides a listing of all ethanol plants in operation in Nebraska as well as a map with information about each plant in the state.
  New and Improved Wheat Uses Audit: Final Report
  The usage of corn and soybeans has expanded beyond traditional consumption bases. So the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) commissioned Sparks Companies, Inc. to conduct a comprehensive audit of new and improved uses for wheat. Utilizing a combination of interviews/surveys and a literature review, 3 categories were identified and deemed to have sufficient probability of success. The 3 categories are: New or improved uses of wheat; new or improved wheat characteristics; and new or improved uses of wheat by-products. The report investigated a number of specific new or improved uses/characteristics in depth.
  New Milling Methods Improve Corn Ethanol Production
  Discusses research in new ways to reduce the costs of producing ethanol and other corn products.
  New Varieties and Techniques Make Barley Better For Fuel and Food
  New varieties of barley could help solve two national problems: energy dependence and obesity. That’s because some parts of barley are excellent for making fuel ethanol, while other parts are nutritious and naturally low in calories...
  Potential of Recovered Vegetable Oil and Tallow as Vehicle Fuels
  This research paper investigated the use of recovered vegetable oil (RVO) and tallow as vehicle fuels. Two options were considered; use in unprocessed form in specially adapted engines, and the production of biodiesel for use in unmodified engines. Also available as a PDF download (217 KB).
  SAC Cereal Recommended List for 2007
  Lists of recommended cereal crops varieties from the Scottish Agricultural College suitable for growing in different seasons and for different purposes.
  Sampling : Statistical and Economic Analysis
  Sampling and sample evaluation enables the feed manufacturer to make inferences about the quality of incoming grain, protein sources, micro-nutrients, and finished feed. Techniques are presented for optimizing sampling and maximizing the value of data collected from a sampling program. Quality assurance managers can show a positive return on investment for their sampling program and utilize these techniques to increase the company’s profitability. Additionally, the benefits associated with a sampling program can be used to justify investment in rapid quality detection equipment.
  Teagasc (IAFDA) research reports on "Cereals and Other Crops"
  Contains full text research reports in both HTML and PDF version. Covers cereal grains post harvest and grain quality management issues. Organized chronologically by year.
  Triticale Grain for Other Uses
  Provides information on the use of triticale in baking, cereal-based foods, animal feeds and biofuels.
  Types of Oils
  Describes the primary oil seed crops -- plants and trees. Provides brief information about the oil. Lists the typical composition of each oil by percentage of saturates, monounsaturates and polyunsaturates.
  Wheat: the big picture
  Describes the life cycle of WHEAT, from seed germination to harvest ripe with special emphasis on the development of the grain after fertilisation. There are supplementary sections on the development of the wheat apex and the embryo. The site aims to provide a reference picture library of all stages of wheat development.

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