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  Alternative Fuels - Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  The initial aim of this project was to evaluate on a practical scale the production of rape-seed, the extraction of the oil and its utilisation as a fuel in road vehicles with modified diesel engines. However, an intended monitoring of a number of vehicles running on rape-seed oil could not be carried out. Also available in PDF (71 KB).
  Aquaculture and Livestock Feed Supplements from Fish Processing Wastes (Project abstract)
  Characterize the quantity, source, utilization, and value of fish processing by-products. Characterize the by-products components for incorporating into animal feed. Characterize existing by-products process methods.
  Bio-Industrial Uses of Sorghum Proteins
  This research project, which ends in 2013 has 3 objectives. 1) Determine the adhesive properties of sorghum proteins isolated from DDDGS, bran and flour, 2) Determine the chemical properties of sorghum proteins related to adhesive and bio-plastic quality, and 3) Improve the quality of sorghum protein based adhesives and bio-plastics.
  Bioenergy & Energy Alternatives
  To create jobs and economic activity in America, reduce the Nation's dependence on foreign oil, and improve the environment by developing alternate energy sources and increasing the use of agricultural crops as feedstocks for biofuels.
  Biotechnological Enhancement of Energy Crops (Project abstract)
  Develop the necessary knowledge and technologies to use plants to produce chemical feedstocks & fuels with more renewable & more enviromentally acceptable methods than current sources such as petrochemicals.
  Development of Agriculturally-Derived Biopolymer Composities for Non-Food Applications (Project abstract)
  Conduct more basic studies of the structure and properties of microfibrils from cereal products and crop residues, which could lead to their eventual use in building and packaging foams, nanocomposites and related products.
  Economic Competitiveness of Renewable Fuels Derived from Grains and Related Biomass (Project abstract)
  Develop improved processes to convert low valued crop-related biomass, byproducts & energy crops being researched in the ARS energy crop program into renewable hydrogen or liquid fuels & conduct economic feasibility studies for integrating this technology
  Enhanced End Use Quality and Utilization of Sorghum Grain
  This project aims to 1) determine relationships between sorghum grain physical properties (including hardness, diameter and kernel weight), protein and starch composition and processing quality; 2) identify sorghum biochemical components related to food functionality and bio-industrial uses such as ethanol production; 3) use knowledge of these components to improve the quality and yields of bio-industrial materials and the quality and functionality of sorghum flour which will facilitate development of new, high quality foods, especially for the gluten free food market. The project ends in 2011
  Enzyme-Based Technologies for Milling Grains and Producing Biobased Products and Fuels (Research Abstract)
  The objective is to develop new, cost effective, alternative methods and engineering processes for corn processing and fractionation using enzymes, immobilized enzymes and other environmentally sustainable processes.
  Evaluation of Grass Straw Feedstocks and Reactor Suitability for Converting Straws into Energy (Project abstract)
  Use the test gasification reactor platform to determine the most economic technical paths to overcome agronomic, microbiological, and physical chemical limitations to on-farm production of energy and other bio-based products
  Evolutionary Enzyme Design for Improved Biorefining of Crops and Residues (Project abstract)
  Develop novel starch-degrading enzymes & enzyme-based systems to convert starch from corn, wheat, & barley to glucose more efficiently & to solubilize &saccharify components of corn fibers, crop residues, etc.
  Fiber Extrusion to Improve Use and Production of Ethanol Byproducts
  The thrust of this project is twofold: 1) conduct research that will overcome material handling challenges with distillers grains, and 2) through collaborative efforts with our customers and partners, develop value-added feeds, foods, and industrial materials from these coproducts. Attaining these objectives will provide ethanol processors with new and refined methods for storing and handling distillers grains. Additionally, new market opportunities for these coproducts will be identified and developed. From this page you can access annual reports from previous years of the project and publications generated as a result of the project to date. The project ends in 2010
  Mechanisms Regulating Starch Biosynthesis in Wheat Amyloplasts (Project abstract)
  Determine the molecular basis for the regulation of starch biosynthesis in wheat grain with the overall goal of increasing starch production, quality and extractability for ethanol production
  Modification of Seed Composition for Food, Feed and Industrial Uses of Soybeans (Project abstract)
  Obtain basic biochemical and genetic information on soybean seed composition (proteins and oils) and development, and develop techniques for improving seed quality of soybean germplasm for added value in emerging specialty markets.
  NCRP FY2006 Call for Proposals
  An invitation from the National Canola Research Program to U.S. scientists to prepare and submit proposals that address the following high priority areas: bio-diesel/renewable energy; blackleg; health/related to low saturated fat content/more functional foods; winter canola; input cost reduction; pod shattering; and, education & communication. The page includes links to the proposal guidelines, proposal format and information on previously funded projects.
  Technologies Enabling Enhanced Product Quality, Product Opportunities, and Energy Efficiency in Grain Biorefining Systems (Project abstract)
  Develop and evaluate ethanol-based separation systems for the biorefining of wheat to produce conventional and new fractions as platforms for both food and non-food applications.
  Wind-Biodiesel Hybrid Electric Power Generation (Project analysis)
  1) Measure performance of engines burning biodiesel operating in a wind/hybrid electric power network; 2) Determine the reduction in emissions from engines using biodiesel instead of petroleum diesel & 2 other objectives
Research Labs
  Bioproduct Chemistry and Engineering Research Unit
  This research unit explores application of agriculture products to improve the environment. Research is directed toward the use of grain products and crop residues for biobased products and biofuels.

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