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  Agricultural Fact Book [HTML & PDF]
A handy reference tool that offers information about US Agriculture and describes all USDA programs. It also provides useful information about food safety, nutrition, rural issues, research, education, and natural resources.
  Biosecurity Awareness Guide [PDF] 1.26 MB
The Biosecurity Awareness Guide was produced with the particpation of the Animal Health Institute (AHI); the Center of Veterinary Medicine (CVM)/Food and Drug Administration (FDA); and the National Renderers Association (NRA) by the American Feed Industry Association. It is available as a PDF or as a Powerpoint Presentation file. The Powerpoint Presentation file is available in either English or Spanish.
  Crop Marketing and Risk Management [Powerpoint]
Links to North Dakota State University Extension Service publications on topics related to crop marketing and risk management -- analysis, crop insurance, marketing clubs, market advisor, and others. Many are Powerpoint files.
  Economic Issues with Milling Hard White Wheat [PDF] 125 KB
Focuses on the milling properties of hard white wheat versus hard red wheat with the objective of determining the potential economic benefits from increased flour extraction rates offered by hard white wheat.
  End-Gate Grain Sampling [HTML]
Details the requirements that need to be met when collecting a representative sample from a stream of grain flowing from a truckbox end-gate.
  Equivalent Weights of Grain and Oilseeds []
Grain weight varies with the amount of water in the grain. Knowing the effect of water on the weight of grain can help better estimate the amount of shrinkage to be expected as the grain dries, the adjustments required when marketing wet grain, or the amount of penalty there is for overdrying grain.
  Equivalent Weights of Grains and Oilseeds [HTML]
Presents the effect of water on the weight of grain. This allows for a better estimate of the amount of shrinkage to expect as grain dries, the adjustments required when marketing wet grain, or the amount of penalty there is for overdrying grain.
  FOODnetBASE []
Website for CRC Press, Woodhead Publishing, and AOCS Press that features full text access to over 171 titles. Subscription required to access the full text.
  Grain Elevators - Photo Database []
A collection of photos from the United Soybean Board of exterior photographs of grain elevators and of soybeans in various stages of milling. A copy of the photograph may be available upon completion and submission of an online form.
  Grain Grading [HTML]
This page provides access to NDSU Extension publications on grain grading.
  Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) [HTML]
A USDA Marketing and Regulatory Program. Facilitates the marketing of livestock, poultry, meat, cereals, oilseeds, & related agricultural products, & promotes fair & competitive trading practices for the overall benefit of consumers & American agriculture
  Grain Stream Sampling and Sampler Construction [HTML]
Explains why both the producer and the buyer of grain need to do accurate grain sampling, Correct sampling procedure, available sampling tools, instructions for pipe sample construction, and construction procedures are covered.
  Grain Stream Sampling and Sampler Construction []
Accurate grain sampling is equally important to the producer and the buyer since information from the sample is used to establish the quality characteristics and the value of the grain. This publication describes who should do a sample, how to sample, tools for sampling and includes instructions for constructing a pipe sampler.
  Hammermills and Roller Mills [PDF] 390 KB
Provides information to feed processors to help them determine which mill (hammer or roller) is best suited for their grinding needs. Also has information on the general design of these mills and how these mills reduce ingredient particle size.
  ICC Online-Dictionary/Glossary of Cereal Science and Technology []
Multilingual dictionary with an integrated search engine and glossary. Select your language, enter the term and the system will translate the term and present you with the term in 6 other languages.
  Integrated Pest Management in Kansas Farm-Stored Wheat Using Aeration Controllers [PDF] 201 KB
Grain temperatures can be lowered enough during summer to slow insect development. An aeration controller runs the fan only when air temperature drops below a set point to lower grain temperature.
  Introduction to Flour Milling [] 13.6 KB
A virtual lecture (slideshow using Adobe Flash 10) that provides a basic introduction to the processes and machines involved in flour milling.
  Maintaining insect-free farm-stored grain [PDF]
Full text document
  Market Advisor Archive [HTML]
Lists and links to archived articles from North Dakota State University (NDSU) Extension Service on small grains marketing.
  Milling Process []
Presents a greatly abbreviated description of the process of producing white flour by roller mills in North America. The author hopes that this description will better the understanding bakers have of the entire process of bread-making and thus lead to better bakers.
  nabim Recommended Code of Practice for Mill Intake [PDF] 100 KB
Guide for growers/merchants delivering grain to UK flour millers.
  New and Improved Wheat Uses Audit: Final Report [PDF] 14.04 KB
The usage of corn and soybeans has expanded beyond traditional consumption bases. So the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) commissioned Sparks Companies, Inc. to conduct a comprehensive audit of new and improved uses for wheat. Utilizing a combination of interviews/surveys and a literature review, 3 categories were identified and deemed to have sufficient probability of success. The 3 categories are: New or improved uses of wheat; new or improved wheat characteristics; and new or improved uses of wheat by-products. The report investigated a number of specific new or improved uses/characteristics in depth.
  New Grain Quality Marketing Tool for U.S. Hard Winter Wheat [PDF] 102.46 KB
This publication describes a new program to not only maintain existing markets but to develop new marketing opportunities for U.S. hard winter wheat. The program will collect samples of hard winter wheat from grain storage facilities, analyze them and the results will be made available through an interactive Web site. The program is a joint effort between Plains Grains, Inc.; K-State researchers in the Department of Grain Science and Industry and in the International Grains Program; USDA-ARS Grain Marketing and Production Research Center and K-State's Geographic Information System Spatial Analysis Laboratory.
  New Milling Methods Improve Corn Ethanol Production [PDF] 881 KB
Discusses research in new ways to reduce the costs of producing ethanol and other corn products.
  Priorities for health and safety in the flour and grain milling industries []
Presents important information for employers and employees in the UK flour and grain milling industry. The information was based on an analysis of the accidents which were reported to HSE [Health and Safety Executive] and local authorities by employers. The information is also based on HSE investigations. The figures used in this publication are from 1991-1992.
  Quality Oriented Marketing of Hard Winter Wheat [PDF] 575 KB
Provides a description of quality evaluation techniques regarding hard winter wheat.
  Questions and Answers About Aeration Controllers [PDF] 107 KB
Addresses many of the most common questions about how aeration controllers are used to maintain grain quality and control insects.
  Rain damage reduced grain quality [HTML]
Grain that is re-wet by rainfall after it is dried down at harvest suffers quality loss through either lowered test weight or sprouting. The damage can occur in both swathed and standing grain.
  Rain damage reduced grain quality [HTML]
Grain that is re-wet by rainfall after it is dried down at harvest suffers quality loss through either lowered test weight or sprouting. The damage can occur in both swathed and standing grain.
  Report fo the Workshop on Whear Flour Fortitication, Cuernavaca, Mexico, 1-3 December, 2004 []
An international technical workshop on wheat flour fortification with iron & folic acid at the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico (INSP), with support 4 other organizations. Over 50 technical experts from public health agencies, research institutions, vitamin and mineral pre-mix manufacturing and milling industries, and development agencies participated. This site contains the full text of research papers presented as well as copies of the PowerPoint presentations.
  SAC Cereal Recommended List for 2007 [ PDF] 1.4 MB
Lists of recommended cereal crops varieties from the Scottish Agricultural College suitable for growing in different seasons and for different purposes.
  Safety Measures in Handling Stored Grain [PDF] 140 KB
Prevent deaths and injuries in managing stored grain: getting caught in augers & power take-off shafts, suffocation, overexertion, falls, dust & chemicals, electrocution, fires, explosions.
  Safety Measures in Handling Stored Grain [PDF] 140 KB
Identifies hazards that cause deaths and injuries associated with placing grain in storage and managing the stored grain: getting caught in augers and power take-off shafts, suffocation, overexertion, falls, exposure to dust and/or chemicals, electrocution, fires and explosions. It then gives the necessary steps to eliminate the hazard(s) and/or protect workers from the hazards.
  Sampling : Statistical and Economic Analysis [PDF] 48 KB
Sampling and sample evaluation enables the feed manufacturer to make inferences about the quality of incoming grain, protein sources, micro-nutrients, and finished feed. Techniques are presented for optimizing sampling and maximizing the value of data collected from a sampling program. Quality assurance managers can show a positive return on investment for their sampling program and utilize these techniques to increase the company’s profitability. Additionally, the benefits associated with a sampling program can be used to justify investment in rapid quality detection equipment.
  Stored Grain Management Even More Critical if Marketing Is Delayed [HTML]
With the potential threat of grain exports being disrupted this fall, it's especially important that farmers properly store their grain. Details steps to maintain the initial quality of newly harvested grain once it goes into storage.
  Story of Oats []
Illustrates the stages of milling of oats by an Irish firm. Click on one of the stages to get information about that stage.
  Translated Milling Terms [PDF] 437 KB
Translated milling terms in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish to be downloaded to your computer
  UK Flour Milling Industry 2012 [PDF] 403 KB
An overview of the UK milling industry facts and figures in 2012.
  Wheat Guide 2012 [PDF] 2 MB
Document designed to give a view on how the flour milling industry sees varieties and guidance on their relative values, not to provide agronomic information.
  Wheat Middlings Composition, Feeding Value, and Storage Guidelines [PDF] 333 KB
Optimal storage conditions and feed value of wheat middlings for livestock consumption.
  Wheat: the big picture []
Describes the life cycle of WHEAT, from seed germination to harvest ripe with special emphasis on the development of the grain after fertilisation. There are supplementary sections on the development of the wheat apex and the embryo. The site aims to provide a reference picture library of all stages of wheat development.


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